Rithika Reddy

Picture credits: Nithin

I don’t want to trust these imaginary words anymore.

All they would do is just put us in pain!

Tired of every single lie I’ve heard from the very loved ones.

I’ve just got no courage left to share all my love!

All my love?

I’m left with no love…



Rithika Reddy

When you lose someone you love the most!

Things just change..

You get lost in your thoughts,

You just lose your appetite,

You have that terrible pain in your throat that occurs due to holding back your sadness!

You look at your scars and overthink about everything that has hurt you till date!

Day by Day you become emotionless,

You become numb,

It wasn’t easy to let go of you.

I have trust issues with myself now!

What did you do to me?

What was my mistake?

Wasn’t I caring?

Didn’t I give you all the love I thought you deserved?

Didn’t I trust you blindly?

I was so blinded my love,

You were cheating on me right in front of my eyes and all I could do was,

to sit and cry and blame myself for not being good enough…



Siddanth Chandra Udutha

I am a person who has confusion

To go left or right without my might!!

Pacified by the night

And fear to hold the papers tight,

Which contains the politicians sight

On what they want to achieve overnight…



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